Sheung Wan Gala Point

The story of the cultural development of Hong Kong began in the Central District, a place that brought people together. To embrace the rich cultural history and memories of the old days, a retro campaign was held from 10 – 26th Sep on the 2/F of the Infinitus Plaza, staging a vintage backdrop and gallery for instagrammable moments.

Subsequently, Infinitus Plaza hosted a weekend popup market to sell classic local brand products. The marketplace also showcased antique products from The Hui Chun Tong, calligraphy from the Upper Lascar Row, artworks of Richard, a British artist who stayed in Hong Kong for 3 decades and products from the Mei Lok Store, Yi O Agricultural Cooperation Ltd., Hong Kong Literature House and more. The gallery also displayed photo collections from famous photographers, including Mr. Fan Ho, Mr. Leung Yau, Mr. James Chung and Mr. Chak Wai Leung.

Infinitus Plaza x HKFYG “Neighourhood’ Lantern Charity Campaign

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates unity and the sharing of happiness with loved ones. This year, the Infinitus Plaza worked with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups for a lantern charity campaign from 10 Sep to spread the message of building a harmonious community. For every lantern sold, the Infinitus Plaza donated $50 to the Neighborhood First project to make a Happy Bag to supply daily necessities for grassroots. The campaign reached over 120 families.

We also made sure to spread love within our work community- by providing bottled water to those who frequently travel outside the offices. In return, we also encourage our fellow members to nurture a caring and supportive culture and convey them through simple gestures like preparing fruits and juice.

We consider the project a big success in building a happier community and sharing love to different parts of Hong Kong. We believe we have injected positive vibes to the community and together we will build a better future for our city.

Healthy 2020

Infinitus Plaza always cared about the health of tenants, we prepared a portable size hand sanitizer and a mandarin rich in vitamin C to help prevent flu infection in the peak of flu season during coming Lunar New Year holidays. We were glad that tenants were so surprised and appreciated our thoughtful gifts. We wish all happy healthy, good luck and prosperity on the Year of the Rat!

Green Joy Christmas

During this Christmas, Infinitus Plaza jointed hands with World Green Organization (WGO) again to bring us a Green Joy Christmas. Tenants and customers could enjoy the delightful Christmas decorations made with recycled materials by the 5 local artists, also they had the opportunity to redeem rewards and Christmas party tickets in a series of fun games with our decorations. Those joined us could enjoy delicious foods and beverages, live music performance and create a fluorescent Christmas ball to their beloved one. What’s more? Tenants enjoyed exclusive  “Pick & Choose” unlimited gift re-exchange activity, infinite chances with endless surprise which make us a sustainable happy Christmas!


Happy Ways to Happy Days

To co-create a happy and pleasant sustainable workplace, we invited our tenants to suggest the way to help making life happier and more fun at Infinitus Plaza. One tenant got one vote, those voted for their favorite ideas and those suggested ideas both would get fabulous rewards. Congratulations to our winner Ms. Kylie Lee, who got the most votes! She won a gift of the back massager and her idea will be implemented at Infinitus Plaza soon. Let’s create a happier workplace together.

Love the Moon Love the Earth

Following last month’s successful plastic bottles recycling, Infinitus Plaza once again jointed with World Green Organisation to carry out the “Love the moon, Love the earth” aluminium mooncakes boxes and soda cans recycling program right after the Mid-Autumn Festival.  People recycled any clean aluminium mooncake boxes or soda cans could have chances to play the claw game and win the big prizes!  Meanwhile, for every aluminium mooncake box recycled, Infinitus Plaza would donate a Health Gift Box to St.James’ Settlement Central and Western District Elderly Community Centre. We glad to receive an enthusiastic response and collected huge numbers of mooncake boxes in the activity. Thank you for all the participation.  

Love n Share

Let’s celebrate the joyful Mid-Autumn Festival!  To stick to our theme “Love n Share”, tenants had to send WhatsApp blessing to their family, friends or colleagues and share their puzzles with colleagues to complete the game and win a gift!  The most efficient team would have a chance to win a group prize as well.  During lunchtime, we prepared another relaxing fun game for the office workers working nearby. All the participants were involved in games and enjoyed the celebration with us!

Swap Plastic for Pleasure

Cool treats beat the summer heat is always true!  Infinitus Plaza jointly with World Green Organisation, organized a “Swap Plastic for Pleasure” program. In order to encourage our tenants and the public to implement plastic bottles recycling, we prepared a popular IG hashtag, low-fat Gelato Rose as an incentive.  People recycled clean plastic bottles could redeem the kool Gelato at a very low price. What’s better than enjoy the Gelato and make our happy working environment more sustainable. 

Happy Smile Happy Reward
No matter what and just smile, it is sometimes the little thing that make life more cheerful. In Infinitus Plaza, we make a day which called “Wear a Smile Day”, to encourage our customers and tenants to always smile on face. If our smile spotters see the smiles, our magician will surprisingly show those lucky few the magic tricks and give them a surprise reward too. TGIF, relax and just keep smiling.

Have a Chill Thrill this Friday

Light off! Get ready for a chill-out Friday! We dimmed lights to create a relaxing atmosphere for tenants to spend a night to enjoy the healthy cocktails, mocktails and crunchy snacks with colleagues. We got you covered with AR shooting games and also darts games, what a great chill thrill this Friday night!

Walk your Way to Wellness "#TakeaWalkinthePark"

Do you know walking right after a meal has a lot of benefits? So, we encouraged tenants to join our “Take a Walk in the Park” challenge, took 15-mins’ walk to Sun Yat Sin Memorial Park during lunch break on any 4 days between 26 -29 March. Those successfully completed the challenge would be entitled to enjoy 5 days healthy cold-pressed juices. Let’s take a first step to a healthy lifestyle!

It is Spring Time. Surprise!
We all know the Monday drag. Need a wake-up call? Infinitus Plaza brought our tenants a surprise morning with delicate savories, pleasant seasonal drinks, the live music performance, and refreshing spring scent. Tenants were surprised and pleased to kick the gloominess away. 

Lion Dance to Welcome the Year of Pig
Let the vibrant lion dance performance shower down good luck and fortune at Infinitus Plaza. Whishing everyone joy and fortune in the Year of the Pig! 

Happy Birthday to Everyone

Happy Birthday to everyone! Infinitus Plaza prepared a birthday giveaway to our tenants in the Monday morning, they were surprised to receive a cash voucher, which can be used at designated merchant at our plaza. What are you waiting for? Go shopping with your colleagues after work! 


Happy Plinko Friday

Lunchtimes can be more fun than you expected! In April Happy Friday, tenants and customers were so excited to play our fun Plinko Game. Participants simply drop a ping pong ball to the board and either win a gift or take a mission challenge.  After the game with delicious snacks and juices would be the highest level of enjoyment. TGI Friday!

Ding Dong! It is the Tea Time Trolley
Ding Dong, Ding Dong!  It’s the tea time trolley! Infinitus Plaza gave a new door-to-door surprise to our tenants in this March Happy Friday. Tenants just took a break and waited for our refreshing healthy drinks and snacks to their office doors. What an amazing way to kick away the tired feeling in sticky spring time! 

Love On Love

Love is in the air! To celebrate upcoming Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, Infinitus Plaza has handpicked a series of festive gifts exclusively for you and your love! From 5 – 13 February, customers spent HK$88 or more at Infinitus Plaza, could redeem a complimentary photo marshmallow lollipop or one kind of CNY puddings in 50% off! Wishing you have a romantic valentine’s day and a prosperous new year!

Donut Worry Be Happy

This is the first Happy Friday of the year! Infinitus Plaza was getting into the grateful spirit by positively supporting The World Vision Hong Kong to share important messages with our participants.  In the games, they could experience the problems of illiteracy and water sanitation. Especially for those who successfully challenged our games, could win a donut and a cup of hot drink. What a wonderful after lunch treat!

Yo! Ho, Ho! I Love The Snow!

In celebration of the Christmas season, Infinitus Plaza launched a series of activities for our tenants and customers to indulge in with their loved ones. 

From 21 - 22 December, Infinitus Plaza created unforgettable falling snowflakes, exciting snowball games with Christmas reward, a delectable chocolate fountain with hot drinks, and also Christmas live music to spread the Christmas cheer in the air. All tenants and customers were having so much fun and shared the Joy of Christmas beyond Infiniuts Plaza.

From 27 - 29 December, it was our third time to have a gift re-exchange activity. Tenants just drop and pick as many times as they like.

Nov Happy Friday

Don't let the Autumn weather dry you out! Infinitus Plaza prepared the hearty hot sweet soups and dim sum desserts to our tenants and customers. Just came over and graded the warmth of sweet soup and tasty desserts after work, it was no doubt the best way to refresh yourself indeed! 

Chit-Chat Afternoon Tea

Feeling bored? Steal a little leisure from the busy work and join our private afternoon tea party! Infinitus Plaza arranged a Hong Kong style afternoon tea with delight HK style cupcakes, French toast, milk tea and various choices of traditional HK style drinks for tenants. All relaxed and chit-chatted with their colleagues while enjoyed the delicious local snacks and drinks. What a wonderful Happy Friday!


Mid-Autumn Festival is a sharing festive season! Infinitus Plaza readied to share fun games and happy moments with our tenants and customers. In the morning, we distributed a piece of puzzle to all the tenants, once their puzzles matched with other three pieces of puzzles from colleagues, could easily win the group prize!  During lunchtime, we also prepared a hundred of lantern riddles, the participants were so excited to shout out the answer and bring the lovely rabbit lantern to home! Wish you all have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Signature Scent Workshop

To co-create a happier and pleasant place, we invited our tenants to join us in a unique venture – a Signature Scent Workshop. In the workshop, our expert fragrance master would help participants to blend their personal happy scent.  All of them were so involved in the blending process, and excited to bring their unique scent to home. At the same time, their one-of-a-kind fragrance would automatically be entered in our “Signature Scent Competition”. All of them would have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

July Happy Friday

Let’s keep “cool” with chilly ice cream in the scorching summer! This July Happy Friday, all our dear tenants and customers spent just $50 or more at any Infinitus Plaza retails to redeem a free ice-cream. Relax and unwind with your colleagues and enjoy the delicious ice-cream at Infinitus Plaza. 

Happy Friday: Beat the Blues, Chill Out Friday Jazz

TGIF! Welcome to our Happy Hour paradise this June! Infinitus Plaza has prepared inspirational live jazz performance, complimentary summer drinks and delicate desserts for our tenants and customers to enjoy a relaxing night with colleagues and friends. A cup of drink accompanied by soothing music which made our weekend even sweeter! 

Infinitus Plaza x World Vision - Child Sponsorship Change For Every Child

This May from 22th -27th, Infinitus Plaza joined hands with World Vision Hong Kong, and stepped out of the box to create a live experiential game zone. Through those 3 games, office workers could in-depth experience how bad the situation of illiteracy, water & sanitation and child labor problems in backward country, as well as they learned HK$9 is worth to change a life of a child while playing our hero game “Value of HK$9”. Obviously, traditional exhibition with innovative experiential games which helped to achieve a successful result than previous exhibitions. Last but not least, we had prepared a meaningful terrarium plant, which symbolises self sustainable and life change, to say a big thanks to all the child sponsors. 

To effectively promote the World Vision Hong Kong child sponsorship, we successfully invited our retail tenants to join the HK$9 cash coupon program. It could arouse public attention to support the child sponsorship, as well as they could enjoy a special discount while shopping at our selected retailers until the end of June.

Happy Friday: Stressed out, need a break?

Stressed out, need a break? It’s time to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea break with your beloved colleagues! Infinitus Plaza arranged a private afternoon tea party for our exclusive tenants! Not only provided Suzuki Cafes’ signature drinks, but also served with some of the most delicate and delicious snacks and cookies. Absolutely brightened up the day with such a savory happy Friday tea break! 

Happy Friday: A Piece of Cake

Feeling stressed and exhausted at work? Don’t worry, just a piece of cake! Infinitus Plaza has handpicked two easy and funny games for our tenants and customers to relax and brighten up the rest of the day. All the participants could pick their favorite cake boxes with random gift card inside; they just simplify brought along the gift cards to redeem delicious cakes from our selected retails. All of us reveled in the happy Friday atmosphere with a piece of cake! 

Feb Happy Friday

Start off the healthy morning with nutritious milk in Happy Friday! Infinitus Plaza prepared a surprise milk giveaway to our tenants, aimed at responding the charity exhibition on our ground floor atrium. It was not only a complimentary gift, but also an important message for caring children who suffering from malnutrition. 

Jan Happy Friday

Be prepared to be amazed by our sesame balls giveaway on the happy Friday morning. Tenants were so surprised by receiving a pair of delicate packages with tasty and crispy sesame balls. It was the best gift to welcome the new beginnings with blessings of the year of the Rooster. 

Red Packet Redemption

The Rhythm of Joy

Let’s get into the spirit of Christmas with our series of wonderful activities! From December 22 - 30, tenants and customers could enjoy our "cookies and tunes", "fun games" and "secret Santa gift exchange party at Infinitus plaza to celebrate a fantastic Christmas. 

Cookies and Tunes
: (22 Dec 2016) 

What better way to kick off your Christmas than decorating tasty gingerbread with wonderful accordion performance at the same time? Infinitus Plaza invited experienced tutor to teach our tenants and customers to decorate their unique gingerbread with diverse ingredients. Also, you would regret if missed out our amazing accordion duet performance with pleasant Christmas songs. Merry Christmas! Spread joy and festival atmosphere around the corner!  

Fun games
: (23 Dec 2016) 

After tasting the yummy gingerbread, get ready to celebrate Christmas with our fun games with your friends and colleagues! Infinitus Plaza selected the most interesting mini games to test participants’ speed, fast reactions and memory. Those who got the talent and successfully completed 3 games would won a Christmas gift! All the participants were involved in games and enjoyed the unforgettable Christmas celebration with us! 

Secret Santa Gift Exchange
: (28 Dec 2016) 
Get trouble with excessive gifts after Boxing Day? Infinitus Plaza encouraged our tenants to enjoy the unlimited chance to drop off a gift and pick a new one at our gift exchange counter until they get their ultimate favorite. Infinite chances with endless surprises which made our holiday season last longer.

Happy Friday: Give Me Five

Give me five! Spice up your Friday evening with a cup of great coffee or plentiful dinner? Why not both? Infinitus Plaza prepared exclusive Antipodean cash coupons for our valued tenants. Just simply took shot of any item related to “5” and WhatsApp us, the first 50 lucky tenants could win a set of two $50 Antipodean cash coupons.  It was amazing having terrific food and drink whereas chilling out with friends at a happy Friday night! 

Happy Friday: Look a treat! Take a treat!

TGI Friday! Let’s relax and forget the pressure of work! Time to indulge yourself with delicious treats on our October happy Friday! Tenants and customers could get a piece of complimentary Halloween cupcake after captured the happy moments at our colorful themed backdrops and shared the happy photos on Facebook with friends. Everyone was so cheerful to taste the cupcakes and take picture with friends. Happy Friday atmosphere was surrounding every corner around the world!

Share Your Happiness!

Infinitus Plaza organized a range of exciting activities to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with tenants and customers. In the eve morning of Mid-Autumn, tenants were greeted by DIY emoji lantern with riddle card giveaways, those who guessed the riddle answer correctly could win an art memo. Meanwhile, we have prepared complimentary traditional Hong Kong snacks: Tinker Sugar and Dragon Beard Candy for all the participants. They could enjoy the delicious candies whereas while playing the emoji riddle quizzes. Thank you all for being here, we wish you had a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.  

Emoji Challenge

Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of gathering and sharing! This year, Infinitus Plaza had prepared an exciting Emoji Challenge game for our tenants. Simply imitated funny emoji and took a photo. The most creative, the happiest and best copy one would win a 360 camera. Congratulations again to our winner who did the best copy with a screaming emoji face!

HAPPY FRIDAY 3rd Wave: Bounce, Flip & Relax Drinking Game Nite!

TGI Friday! This August, Infinitus Plaza had arranged “Happy Friday 3rd wave: Bounce, Flip & Relax Drinking Game Nite”, an exciting games night with two popular and fun bar games: Flip Cup and Beer Pong for tenants and customers to get crazy after stressful work. The fastest who drank and flipped all five cups as well as the fastest who landed the most balls into the competitor’s cups, could win the prize! We had also prepared exclusive award cards for our tenants, the first 3 teams collected five Happy Friday chops on the award card, could win fabulous prizes! Moreover, playing exciting bar games whereas having complimentary snacks which pushed the Happy Friday atmosphere to the highest point!

HAPPY FRIDAY 2nd Wave: Relaxing Summer !

TGI Friday! This July, Infinitus Plaza has arranged “Happy Friday 2nd wave: Relaxing summer” for our tenants and customers to freeze up the hot summer and unwind after stressful work. Tenants and customers had a great time enjoying our complimentary molecular gelato and dry iced, while experiencing iHEHA Qi 3-min stress relief program. After tasting the delicious ice-cream and dry iced tea, tenants could join as a team for an exclusive “+ fun game’ with collecting the letters “HAPPY” or “FRIDAY” which stuck on the bottom of the ice-ream and iced tea cups. The first 3 teams could win fabulous prizes! Once again, Happy Friday atmosphere was surrounding Infinitus Plaza! 

Happy Friday 1st Shot: VR Shooting Game

TGI Friday! It’s time to chill out and have some fun! Infinitus Plaza has arranged a “Happy Friday” for our tenants and customers to relax and unwind after stressful day at work.  This June themed as “Happy Friday 1st shot”, we not only bring the latest new high-tech virtual reality game for participant to experience a 360° adventure, but also a cup pyramid game for all to relieve stress by shooting cans. Moreover, we have prepared complimentary fluffy popcorn for public to enjoy during the game. Happy Friday atmosphere was surrounding Infinitus Plaza! 

Let’s Celebrate an EGGciting Easter

Enjoy a unique Easter experience at Infinitus Plaza with a series of surprising activities.  

Easter Egg Candle Workshop (Exclusive for Tenants)

Spice up your creatively with the two Easter Egg Candle Workshops which specially organized for our tenants. Those participated tenants were so relax and enjoyed involving to create their unique Easter gift after stressful work! 

Egg and Spoon Race

Rolling back to over 110 years ago with a traditional American Egg-and-spoon race for first celebrating our Easter festival with customers. It spread fun and retro atmosphere around every corner!  

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

Start off the Year of Monkey with an energetic buzz, Infinitus Plaza has performed a brilliant lion dance and parade on Lunar 16th of January! A group of auspicious lions danced to a festive beat to bring the good blessing around every corner! We also arranged lion dance parade to our tenants, putting on a spectacular performance that symbolises good luck in the year ahead for all tenants at Infinitus Plaza!

Post-X’mas Gift Exchange Party (Exclusive for Tenants)

Upset with the Christmas gift from exchange party?! Infinitus Plaza gave our tenants infinite chance to exchange gifts, just simply dropped off a Christmas gift at our “gift surprise” counter and chose other favorite gift. Unlimited chances with endless surprises which made our happy holiday last longer.    

X’mas AeroPlay

Ready to start off your happy Christmas Holiday? Infinitus Plaza prepared a super fun paper plane game for you to relax and recalled our beloved childhood memories.  Everyone was very involved in the game! 

‘Bling Bling Ideas’ Full of Infinitus Plaza (Exclusive activity for tenant)

Infinitus Plaza celebrated an intriguing and creative Christmas with our tenants, they were surprised by Christmas Ball giveaway from our “Christmas Girls” on the morning of Christmas Eve. Tenants could design an unique Christmas Ball at DIY corner and join our “’Bling Bling Ideas’ full of Infinitus Plaza” activity. The most creative entry which effectively increases the happiness in Infinitus Plaza could win HK$3,000 travel coupon with a value gift set. The 10 selected creative ideas could also win our value gift sets! Congratulations to all winners! 

LKK Health Products Group Limited Partners with Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Company Limited to Acquire Shanghai Corporate Avenue 3
On 10 December 2015, LKK Health Products Group Limited (“LKKHPG”), a member of Lee Kum Kee, announced it has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire Shanghai Corporate Avenue 3 (“the Property”) in a consideration of RMB 5,700 million (about HKD 6,870 million) through Bayline Global Limited. Bayline Global Limited is a joint venture between the respective subsidiaries of LKKHPG and Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“VPHK”) (SEHK stock code: 2202), in which LKKHPG ultimately owns 90% of the shares and VPHK ultimately owns 10% of the shares. Upon completion of the purchase, LKKHPG will engage VPHK’s subsidiary company V Capital to be the integrated asset manager of the Property going forward.

It is time for a gathering

On the Mid-Autumn Festival Eve, Infinitus Plaza organized a series of exciting activities, which included giving away complimentary carambola lantern to tenants and holding a riddle quiz competition, the winning tenant won an Apple smart watch! In addition to the activities enjoyed by our esteemed tenants, passers-by were also invited to join our traditional riddle quiz booth to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Thank you everyone for your participation, and wish you all had a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 

After Work Chill-Out

To unwind and de-stress after work at Infinitus Plaza, we’re bringing a complimentary wine tasting and harp live performance. Come, join us and enjoy a relaxing evening with us! 

Post-X’mas Gift Exchange Party (Exclusive for Tenants)

Upset with the Christmas gift from exchange party?! Infinitus Plaza gave our tenants infinite chance to exchange gifts, just simply dropped off a Christmas gift at our “gift surprise” counter and chose other favorite gift. Unlimited chances with endless surprises which made our happy holiday last longer.    

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2015 at Infinitus Plaza

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Goat, Lion Dance Performance had been arranged on 27 February 2015, Lunar 9th of January. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed the Lion Dance will bring good luck and we hope all of you Prosperous New Year of Goat!


Please see the highlight as follow:

Enjoy the Joy of Giving!
It’s happier to give than to take!  So, on the Valentine’s Day eve, we not only deliver brilliant candy making show and lovely personalized lollipops, but also charity sale that to raise fund for the needed!

Let your Christmas be filled with infinite happiness!
X’mas time for sharing!  We arranged complimentary sweet popcorn, cotton candy and carol singing to celebrate the festival with all passers-by.

TGI Friday, let us Take a Break!
Ladybird & the Diamonds Jazz Band had performed in Infinitus Plaza again on 1 August 2014!

Cool Summer Bossa Nova
Ladybird & the Diamonds Jazz Band performed in Infinitus Plaza on 4 July 2014.

A Cappella
Gay Singers was invited to perform in Infinitus Plaza!

Love Songs @ Infinitus Plaza
Love singing show in romantic Valentine’s afternoon!

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2014 at Infinitus Plaza

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Horse, Lion Dance Performance had been arranged on 13 February 2014, Lunar 14th of January. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed the Lion Dance will bring good luck and we hope all of you Prosperous New Year of Horse!

X’mas Carol Singing & String Quartet Performance!
Carol singing was performed by volunteers on 18 December 2013 and 20 December 2013 respectively, in addition, string quartet was performed on 23 December 2013 in Infinitus Plaza. Christmas spirit was surrounding Infinitus Plaza!

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2013 at Infinitus Plaza

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Snake, Lion Dance Performance had been arranged on 1 March 2013, Lunar 20th of January. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed the Lion Dance will bring good luck and we hope all of you Prosperous New Year of Snake!

Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2012 at Infinitus Plaza
To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Dragon, Lion Dance Performance had been arranged on 6 February 2012, Lunar 15th of January. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed the Lion Dance will bring good luck and we hope all of you Prosperous New Year of Dragon!

Chinese New Year Lion Dance at Infinitus Plaza
To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Rabbit, Lion Dance Performance had been arranged on 14 February 2011, Lunar 12th of January. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed the Lion Dance will bring good luck and we hope all of you Prosperous New Year of Rabbit!

Vicwood Plaza Renamed to Infinitus Plaza

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