The Rhythm of Joy
Let’s get into the spirit of Christmas with our series of wonderful activities! From December 22 - 30, tenants and customers could enjoy our "cookies and tunes", "fun games" and "secret Santa gift exchange party" at Infinitus plaza to celebrate a fantastic Christmas. 

Cookies and Tunes: (22 Dec 2016) 

What better way to kick off your Christmas than decorating tasty gingerbread with wonderful accordion performance at the same time? Infinitus Plaza invited experienced tutor to teach our tenants and customers to decorate their unique gingerbread with diverse ingredients. Also, you would regret if missed out our amazing accordion duet performance with pleasant Christmas songs. Merry Christmas! Spread joy and festival atmosphere around the corner!  

Fun games(23 Dec 2016) 

After tasting the yummy gingerbread, get ready to celebrate Christmas with our fun games with your friends and colleagues! Infinitus Plaza selected the most interesting mini games to test participants’ speed, fast reactions and memory. Those who got the talent and successfully completed 3 games would won a Christmas gift! All the participants were involved in games and enjoyed the unforgettable Christmas celebration with us! 

Secret Santa Gift Exchange: (28 Dec 2016) 

Get trouble with excessive gifts after Boxing Day? Infinitus Plaza encouraged our tenants to enjoy the unlimited chance to drop off a gift and pick a new one at our gift exchange counter until they get their ultimate favorite. Infinite chances with endless surprises which made our holiday season last longer.

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