Signature Scent Workshop

To co-create a happier and pleasant place, we invited our tenants to join us in a unique venture – a Signature Scent Workshop. In the workshop, our expert fragrance master would help participants to blend their personal happy scent.  All of them were so involved in the blending process, and excited to bring their unique scent to home. At the same time, their one-of-a-kind fragrance would automatically be entered in our “Signature Scent Competition”. All of them would have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Signature Scent Competition: 

Congratulations to Ms. Kwok won the crown. Ms. Kwok named her one-of-a-kind fragrance “MIRACLES”. This delightful scent shared throughout the building from 1 January 2018.  Prize presentation ceremony was held on 2 January 2018, we glad to present cash cheque and a set of self-blended signature body spray perfume to our winner, Ms. Kwok.

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